MI成功的故事: 恩里克巴黎

Enrique Paris is a native of Caracas, Venezuela and was surrounded by music his whole life, with his father playing classical guitar and his mother playing a South American instrument, the cuatro. After being introduced to The Ramones, Metallica and The Cure by his cousin, Enrique caught the music bug. In 2012, Enrique got offered a scholarship to attend one Musician’s Institute, where he obtained an Associates Degree in 吉他 & 音乐业务. During his time at MI, Enrique joined the marketing and legal team at Nacional Records. There, he helped develop and execute campaigns for the label’s releases such as La Vida Boheme and their Grammy winner album “Sera ”. He also worked as a talent coordinator for the Latin Alternative Music Conference, where he had to work with great artists such as Ruben Blades and Julieta Venegas.

Enrique Paris has put his 艺术的关联 Degree to good use, combining his specialties in 吉他 with 音乐业务 to launch a career full of diverse projects. In addition to playing music, Enrique Paris was the Music & Assets Manager for the production department at Greenlight Media & Marketing, a division of Red Light Management. In this position, Enrique negotiated music rights for TV, film, games & branding, helping supervise recording & mixing sessions, advises on legal copyright issues, and even composes and produces music for developing projects.

In late 2017, Enrique made a big step in his career and accepted the position of Rights Clearance Manager at Spotify in Los Angeles. At the same time, Enrique has been working with other MI alumni in their band Dankrupt, which are currently releasing new music & music videos.